Friday, January 27, 2006

all year we have heard how great USC was. According to ESPN "They could've beat Napoleons army. They could've beat the Mexicans at the Alamo. They could've defeated Achillies and his army. They would have beat any past champions by three touchdowns." Greatest team ever....Blah,blah,blah.... This whole site is a moot point because we "Texas" won this year with much better athletes. USC is very lucky that the "weak" Pac 10 conference does not have a championship game. Like the SEC and Big 12, we constantly have a ranked opponent every week. Then after kicking the crap out of each other, the best two teams in the conference have to play again. A lot of room for error. It is my 99% guess that USC would have lost to Cal had Cal had the chance to play USC again in a conference championship game in 2003. As for Matt Leinart, he has been hanging with all the wackos on sunset blvd too much to know he got his ass handed to him this year. USC has never seen a defense like ours in the past 3 years. Had Mack got his head out of his ass last year for the oklahoma game, we had all the fire power to take you last year as well. Just my two cents. But I could really care less how lsu and usc fight for the 2004 claim. In 2,3 years nobody is going to remember who usc had or what they did, and they will never be compared to the Nebraska dynasty or Miami dynasty because they did not do anything really that spectacular. So let it go USC and quit trying to bite the idea lsu had and come up with your own s**t.


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